Letter to my Dreams for Planet Earth

Letter to My Dreams fulfills all educational, personal empowerment, vocabulary enrichment, and language learning requirements. Its content is based on human values and in the selection of texts alluding to characters who have left a legacy to humanity and that are worthy of motivation to children and teenagers. In this collection, we encourage readers to protect the environment and to get to know the history of some characters who succeeded in preserving the life of the planet, propelling us into the future thanks to their commendable effort and leadership. We focus on language learning through different and playful activities to improve oral and written communication, strengthen personality and identity in a multicultural environment, impart knowledge and stimulate creativity, critical thinking, and decision making. Letter to My Dreams for Planet Earth is used as a textbook for creative writing, environmental education, and leadership workshops for children and teens.

Autor: Pilar Vélez

Precio: $80,000