Orchids in the mist

This gorgeous book is different from the typical orchid book. In addition to the beautiful photographs and catalog of species, it is designed to be read. The foreword by Stuart Pimm, a well-known conservationist, sets the stage for a look at the biodiversity of Colombia. The book starts with an easy-to-read introduction to the orchid family illustrated with drawings and photographs. The natural history of orchids is discussed, including habitats, pollinators and the evolutionary success of the family. Then the author zeros in on the cloud forests of Colombia, revealing both flora and fauna along with the orchids of the mist. Not to be overlooked, the ethnic and cultural diversity of the peoples of the region and their interaction with the forest is presented. The major genera of orchids found in the cloud forest are summarized before the expected nicely illustrated catalog of species.

Autor: Jorge E. Orejuela

Precio: $250,000